Meet a few of our agents who are benefitting from their own travel programme.
Sam Kenny

Disney, Wedding & Honeymoon Specialist


"The TravelPreneur Society was founded in June 2020, while on maternity leave. When I found out I could be earning commission back on all the travel I'd previously booked, I just knew so many other families would benefit & love this too. My business has allowed me to earn an income around my baby, quit my full-time job, travel more for less and I now run my business flexibly on MY terms while helping other families too. I've helped coach hundreds of Mums how to travel smarter with their families, make money online and create their own success stories. Scroll down to check out some of the amazing people that I've helped."
“This opportunity came to me at the perfect time when I was on maternity leave. With the cost of childcare being extortionate, I needed a flexible working pattern, which my company couldn't offer me - so I was made redundant. I am forever grateful that my business has allowed me to earn a full time income in pockets of time around my little girl, saving me childcare fees and also saving us thousands on our personal holidays - a godsend when you're married to a teacher!”


"This business has not only helped me financially, but it has also enabled me to continue being a SAHM to my daughter. I suffer with separation anxiety so being able to run my business flexibly around my daughter means everything to me.
I've actually booked well over £10K worth of travel now for my friends and family that I've learnt back on"


"My husband and I have always loved our holidays. So when I found out I could save and earn from things we were going to be doing anyway I jumped at the chance. I set up my business when my little boy was 12 weeks old, and love the flexibility and how it fits in around him. I haven't had to go back to work & I've booked over £35K worth of travel now too!
Safe to say joining the business was the best decision I could of made."
“Being able to run my travel business flexibly around my two young children (when on maternity leave and also when working full time), earn an additional income into my household and help others do the same, has been so rewarding and satisfying. I love everything about this business and what’s it doing for me and my family as well as those I’ve helped too”


"Travelling with my family means everything to me.
Being a twin mum, working a demanding full time job I've still managed to book over £85k worth of travel & saved a fortune on our own trips. I was worried I wouldn't have enough time but love that this is so flexible, has no targets and fits in around my busy schedule!"
Hayley Stinchcomb


“If someone would have said to me back in 2020 that I would be able to afford a minimum of 3 holidays per year as a single mum I wouldn’t have believed them. I am creating some amazing memories with my little boy & have now booked over £20K worth of travel already.
The earning potential is out of this world but not only that we have the most incredible team which I am proud to be part of.”
“I wish I’d have known about this business sooner and literally hold my head in my hands when I think about all the savings I could have made on all my trips prior to saying YES to this business.
Travel comes absolutely naturally to more and finishing an opportunity where I can do something I love and earn from it is just amazing . Now I’m a mum to one sweet little boy, I’m so happy that I get to take him on all these holidays too!”


"I searched and searched for something I could do flexibly around my daughter after I had handed my notice in after my maternity leave ended. This business opportunity was just perfect! I've already booked over £8.5K since starting.
I really feel like I’ve finally found my passion and I can’t wait to see where it takes us as a family!"
Hayley Stinchcomb


“I've always loved to travel and when my daughter was born, I wanted to make as many memories as possible. I work in a demanding full time city job but this business lends its self perfectly to utilising the pockets of time I have around my busy schedule.
I’ve booked £115k worth of travel in my first 6 months! I am my own boss, and with no targets or points it was a no brainer for me.”


"I'm delighted that I made the decision to join this business and establish myself as an Independent Travel Agent. Not only am I building a second income around my full time job, I'm also finding amazing savings for my own family travel.
The support and encouragement from other travelpreneurs is incredible, it's a great team to be a part of."
Hayley Stinchcomb


“Being an independent travel agent has allowed me to save money on trips I was going to book anyway with another company. Saving £1,500 on our honeymoon to Stella Island has to be a highlight. On top of this the business has enabled me to have a second stream of income around my busy management roll in my full time job and love helping other busy people achieve the same.”


It's good to ask questions!

Who are you partnered with?

Our host agency Inteletravel is 30 + years old and is a proud member of ABTA & ATOl, all our suppliers are ATOL protected too. We are partnered with over 80 suppliers such as Hoseasons, Olympic Holidays, Mr & Mrs Smith, James Villas, Disney and Royal Carribean just to name a few.

Do I need travel experience?

Not at all. We have extensive FREE training with all our suppliers as well as regular in-house company training & support. Train with Disney and become a Disney specialist, a Jumeirah specialist or like even a luxury family travel specialist. The opportunities are endless!

How soon can I start doing bookings?

Mandatory Travel Advisor training is 6 x 1 hour videos, then you will be licensed to book holidays. However, there is optional additional training we provide such as supplier training and how to approach hotels, utilise the programme for your own bookings etc.. so we advise a couple of evenings to a week.

What if I start & want to quit? Am I tied in?

That's fine you can cancel at anytime.

Is this a network marketing business?

It is totally optional if you want to become a travel affiliate or just stick as a Travel Agent. We have no targets, no point system etc. You book a holiday & you get paid commission, it's really that simple.

There is an optional travel affiliate opportunity. This is a completely SEPARATE business opportunity that can be added on. Meaning there are multiple income streams available too.

Do I need a big social media following?

Absolutely not, most of us have built our businesses through our immediate family and friends. You will be supported and shown how to build a successful client base in your training.


Fill in our form below if you reside in the UK or USA and we will personally message you with your unique details to get started and earning from travel too.


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